COS Testing Center


The testing center aims to provide a secure environment for testing involving primarily the use of technology to provide the material tested.

The center is composed of 48 computers. The conventional way of giving tests is to write one using Blackboard and to make it available to students using the "Respondus lockdown browser". Students only have access to the examination if they use the password given by Respondus. Occasionally, if an instructor requests, students are allowed given a paper examination, but arrangements with the testing center manager must be made several days prior to the need to give one.

The testing center is located in Planetary Hall room 2 and is open about 50 hours per week including some hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Who may use it?

The center is primarily used by Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics students. It is also available to test students from other courses upon an arrangement in advance between the course instructor and the testing center manager.


The center is run collaboratively by the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and of Physics and Astronomy. Faculty members from either of these two departments do not need to arrange to have any payment to the testing center. Members of other departments should arrange to have $15 per student for the semester transferred to the TTC account to use the testing center. Students from other universities wanting to use the facility will be charged $25/examination plus additional fees to cover wages for a monitor if requested when the testing center is closed.

Using the Testing Center (TTC)

  • Send any requests for using the facility to the TTC Supervisor Mario Gliozzi
  • Schedule the test/quiz in TTC in consultation with TTC supervisor.

BlackBoard Exam Preparation

Securing an Exam
Instructions on how to prepare the exam. Do not have students download the Respondus browser if you want to use the TTC. It is already installed.